Hi, I am Amarande,

Welcome to my universe, where I want to share with you my passion of playing with colors, graphique prints and patterns,

to offer you handmade fashion pieces to cheerfully glorify your persona, your body and your home.

A ‘bit about me: I am born in Belgium, but half of my family is from Italy. Sono fortunata!

As long as I remembered, I have always had a « thing » for artistic fields, and enjoying celebrating being a woman through picking, mixing, wearing and making clothes.

I have studied Plastic Arts & fashion design, worked in that field and in the retail sector.

My favorite time and place is when I am in my studio, brainstorming, prototyping, testing new ideas to transform into great pieces.

Through this platform, my goal is to offer you limited edition items: mostly  made out of reused upcycled recycled fabrics & or vintage items, end of rolls fabrics, vintage components, handmade prints, beaded parts here and there, and so and so…

Please see below parts of my favorite previous work!

Hope you’ll like it!

These looks were created for the upcycling fashion contest « Customisez-moi » created by Bernard Gavilan, The Belgian King of Vintage. See below the starting and final result of each silhouettes!

Here above, some handprinted prints experimentations.